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12:13 PM

I have been working on a bunch of activities to put together into a weather unit, and now it is ready! I am really happy with it. I am going to call it a bundle, because it isn't a comprehensive unit that includes everything you need to teach your kids about all aspects of weather. It really focuses on weather tools and measuring the weather, but it has some other activities with it too.

Click the picture below to download from Teachers Pay Teachers:

Here's what is included:

-Powerpoint Presentation (in PDF form) about weather instruments and instructions on how to make your own instruments. (anemometer, thermometer, rain gauge, barometer).

Includes why we measure that type of weather, how to make that instrument, and why the instrument works.

Here are a few examples:

-Weather recording sheets .Here is just one example. The recording sheets included are temperature by location; temperature by time of day; 10 day rain, temp, and weather recording sheet; and a 10 day analysis.

-Weather data flap book-measure the weather and graph your data

-Weather instruments flap book

-Thermometer practice

-Weather venn diagram

-Lift-the-flap clouds activity

-Weather quiz

-Cinquain template

-Word mix-up (make as many words as you can using the letters from weather words)

-Word search

When I was teaching I never knew quite how to teach about the weather instruments, so I think the powerpoint is really helpful, because it explains about the instruments and then as a class you can make those instruments and measure the weather together. You could also do the weather instruments flap book as you go through the powerpoint.

Hope you enjoy!

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