Indoor Recess Lifesaver

1:59 PM

Have you heard of Adventure to Fitness? If not, you have got to check it out! It is an educational fitness program that is so much fun. When I was teaching, I would turn it on during indoor recess. In the videos, the guide, Mr. Marc, takes the kids on expeditions to different places. The kids run, walk, jump, duck, etc, in place as they follow him on the adventure. My students really enjoyed doing these, and it is a great way to get their energy out.

There are only 5 episodes that you can watch for free, but there are also some mini episodes, and if you want, you can subscribe and have access to all the videos. I found that 5 episodes was enough. The kids don't mind watching the same episode more than once. Plus, they are each 30 minutes long, so you can watch half an episode at a time.

Sign up using your school e-mail, then log in, go to teachers, and then you can scroll down and click on episode library.

You can then choose your video. Each video also has activities you can download to go along with it.

Here are some screenshots from the episode about volcanoes:

Here the kids are jumping up the mountain with Marc.

I love that they also have educational content in them.
Hopefully you won't have too many indoor recess days left this year, but next time you get the chance, try out Adventure to Fitness. I think your students will really like it!

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