Decide Now!!

12:40 PM

Have you heard of this cool app? I heard about it recently and it seems like such a fun addition to a classroom. It helps you make a decision. Basically, you plug in your choices and then spin the wheel.

In order to customize your wheel, you do have to buy the full version, but it is only 99 cents. Not too bad.

There are so many different ways this can be used! You could use it to decide who answers a question, gets a reward, job, etc.

This could also be used to choose a reward. It might be fun to pick a secret student before an activity who will get a chance to spin the wheel. Watch them to see how their behavior was during the activity, and if they did what they were supposed to, they could spin the wheel for a prize.
There are so many ways this could be used, and your students would love to be able to spin the wheel.

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