Monday Made It-June 29

Ok, I just learned about this linky, and it is fabulous!! I love to make things. Whether it is crafting, sewing, painting, cooking, or TpT-ing, I love the sense of accomplishment I feel when I complete a task. (Even though often I am great at starting projects but not finishing them)

So this link-up is a great way for me to share my accomplishments and help remind myself that I actually did get something done during the week, even though it feels like all I do is chase toddlers around!

So here are a couple things that I did get done last week:

I finished my Student of the Week packet for TpT. 

I really want to get a lot of products posted before back to school time. I think this is a busy time for TpT, and I would love to have products that people want. I used Student of the Week in my class, and I think it is a great way to get to know the students in your class, and help them get to know each other. My packet includes a book for the kids to write what they like about the student, a poster, a schedule of activities, and a schedule planning page.

Ok, this one is not something I actually made this week, but I did fix it. I made this a while ago, but it fell off my door and broke, and it has been broken for a few months. I finally fixed it and got it hung back up. I think it is so cute! I used a frame I found at a garage sale, and made felt flowers for it. Then I bought a letter from JoAnn's (using the 40% off coupon, of course), and covered it in some burlap ribbon. I was so proud of how it turned out!

Have you made anything cute lately? 

I don't know what I will be making this week, but I do know that my sister is having a baby in a few months, so I need to get going on some cute little baby stuff! 

TpT Seller Challenge Week 2: Dare to Dream

It's week 2 of the TpT Seller Challenge! This week we are blogging about our TpT dreams. I have been on Teachers Pay Teachers for a while, but have only been really active since about October. I am loving that it is keeping me in touch with teaching, since I stay at home now.

So, here are my TpT dreams:

1-- Get to know other teacher bloggers. I have started using social media more lately, and I am having so much fun! I really like following other teachers on Instagram to see what they are up to. It helps me keep in touch with the teaching world. Plus, I love seeing people from all over the country and how their lives and classes are similar to mine. So far I haven't really gotten to know anyone, and I would love to make some good friends through this TpT adventure.

2-- I have twins who are almost 2 years old. Before we had them, my husband had a 2004 Mazda 3 hatchback, and I had a 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer. I drove the Mazda for a while with the twins, and man it was cramped in there. We had to push the front seats all the way forward to fit in the carseats, and my husband and I are both really tall. Anyway, we finally got ourselves a minivan, which we LOVE. We got rid of the hatchback and are left with the Lancer, which is falling apart. Poor Preston came home today drenched in sweat because the air conditioner stopped working today. I really really want to make enough to afford a car payment for him. I am still not making much on TpT, but hopefully I will continue to grow and we can get him a new car soon. Fingers crossed!!

3-- I love, love, love to travel. We haven't been able to do much traveling, and I would love to be able to take my kids to fun and interesting places as they are growing up. There is so much in the world to see, and I want to see it all!

Those are my TpT dreams. I am slowly growing and getting more followers, and as I grow, hopefully I can accomplish these goals. What are your dreams?

Makeover Madness (TPT Seller Challenge Week 1)

This is week one of the TPT Seller Challenge, and I am so excited! It's good for me to have something specific to focus on so that I get something done. : )  This week we are supposed to make over one of our items from our TpT store, whether it is just the cover or the entire product. I decided to work on my Punctuation Nation board game. This is just a little game that helps students practice their end-of-sentence punctuation. Here it is:

I made other changes within the product itself, to make it a lot cuter and up-to-date. I think it is really cute now.

Here's the old cover. There's pretty much not anything I like about it.

And the new one. I really like this. It looks so much cleaner and up to date.
This is a fun game to help your kids practice how to read a sentence with punctuation accurately. A lot of the time kids are so monotone when they read, and missing the punctuation can change the meaning of a sentence. It also helps kids identify the correct punctuation to use in a sentence.

To see more details, check it out by clicking below. This will be on sale for the rest of the week!

Stay tuned for more TpT Seller Challenge Fun! Who knows what's in store for next week!

To learn more about #TPTSellerChallenge, click here.

Winner Wednesday: Seasons of the Year

I am so excited to be linking up with Jennifer from A Dab of Glue Will Do. This linky takes place the first Wednesday of each month, and I will choose an item from my TpT store to feature and explain in detail. You will also have a chance to win this product for free! Yay! You just need to enter your name in the Rafflecopter giveaway and you are set!

The product I am going to feature this month is my Seasons of the Year Activities Unit. I love this one. I think it has such fun activities to help learn and reinforce the seasons.

One of my favorite activities in this unit is the Seasons Relay.

This is a relay where students race to get all their cards in the right seasons basket. Each student will draw a card with a picture of something related to a season. They then run and put it in a basket labeled with the correct season name on it, and the next person in their group goes. The first group to go through all their cards wins!

This can get a little crazy, so you may want to do this activity outside. I love it because it gets kids out of their seats and moving, but still thinking about seasons and reinforcing what they have learned.

Another one I really like is the recipe book. This unit includes recipes for different dishes that have ingredients that are common in each of the seasons. They are kid-friendly recipes that your students should be able to make with just a little help. (some examples are Jell-o popsicles, easter egg krispies, and hot apple cider. There are 2 recipes for each season)

The recipe book template also includes a blank recipe for tortilla snowflakes that you can make together as a class. It's a really simple recipe using store bought tortillas. (Actually, I don't know if you could call it a recipe as much as an activity, but hey, that's ok, right?)

My thought was you make them as a class, and then afterward the students need to write the ingredients that were used, and the instructions for making the snowflakes. It's basically a how-to project.

Also included in this product is a fact page for each season to help you teach the students about the different seasons. After they have learned about the seasons there is a booklet that they can make where they have to write facts about the seasons.

Some of the other activities and worksheets include:

Opinion Graphic Organizer and 4 Acrostic Poem Templates

Math Story Problems

Word Search

Match the Month Worksheet

For a chance to win the Seasons of the Year Activities Unit, enter below. Good luck! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you don't want to wait for the giveaway to be over and want to purchase this product now, click here. Be sure to follow my blog to get the latest updates and new products!