It's Music Time!

9:18 PM

My twin girls started preschool this year, and they have absolutely been loving it! The school sent home a note last week that they need a new music teacher, so I decided to go for it! I have only taught second graders, so it is a bit of a change for me, but I am excited to get involved with teaching again. It's only once a week for a couple hours, and today was my first day! Here's an outline of what we did: (click on the pictures to go to the link for the song)

Materials needed:
Two egg shakers, each with a different sound. I used one filled with popcorn kernels and one with oats.
Egg shakers for each student
Play microphone
Fall leaves (real leaves, or cut out of construction paper)
Vivaldi's Four Seasons, "Autumn"

Welcome Song (I will share this later)

"I brought some special instruments today. These are called egg shakers. Touch your nose if you have ever used egg shakers. We are all going to have a chance to use them today. Listen to these egg shakers. Do they sound the same or different? Listen to the pink one, and listen to the green one. I am going to hide them and when I shake it I want to see if you can tell by the noise which color I am shaking. (do that a couple times)

Hickety Ticketee bumblebee, can you say your name to me? 
Dallin, Dallin, that’s a very good name.
(loud, soft, fast, slow)

Go over the rules of the egg shakers (keep on the floor until I say pick up your egg shakers. We wait until everyone has their shakers to start, because that is the polite thing to do.

While you pass out the shakers, sing a song (maybe a repeat song?)

Pick up your shakers. 

Everyone can shake shake shake, everyone can shake shake shake,
Everyone can shake shake shake, and now everybody stop.
Everyone can tap, clap, wave

Shake your shaker, shake shake shake, shake shake shake, shake shake shake
Shake your shaker, shake shake shake, shake your shaker.
Shake your shakers high high high,
Low low low,
Fast fast fast
Slow slow slow  

Egg shakers up, and egg shakers down.
Egg shakers dancing all around the town.
Dance them on your shoulders, and dance them on your head.
Dance them on your knees and tuck them into bed.


Talk about autumn/fall, and if they have noticed the leaves falling down.
Do you like fall? Tell me about fall. There was a man named Antonio Vivaldi, who lived a very long time ago. He decided to write songs for each season of the year. He thought about how the seasons made him feel, and how they would sound. We are going to listen to his song called autumn and pretend to be leaves falling from the trees.
Drop the leaves and notice how they fall. Can we make our bodies move like that?

Put arms up in the air, attached to the tree, and during the song, we dance around the room like we are leaves. When the music stops, head back to your spot and fall on the ground like leaves.

Vivaldi Four Seasons (Autumn)

Sometimes we help our parents rake the leaves, then jump in a big pile, or a heap of leaves. Practice doing motions with the kids, then sing song:

(London bridge)
Autumn leaves are falling down, falling down, falling down,
Autumn leaves are falling down, it is fall.

Find a rake and rake them up, rake them up, rake them up, find a rake and rake them up, it is fall.

Make a pile and jump right in, jump right in, jump right in, make a pile and jump right in, it is fall.

Here comes the wind to blow them round, blow them round, blow them round,
Here comes the wind to blow them round, on the it is fall.

The classes went really well! I ended up doing the Hickety Tickety Bumblebee song first with each class, because they all really wanted to tell me their names. 

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