Teacher to Teacher: Tips for Enjoying Your Summer Break

8:47 PM

Ok, so I am not a teacher anymore, but I used to be, and oh boy, did I love summer break. But I found that some summers it just seemed to fly by, and I hadn't done anything I said I was going to! Has that ever happened to you? I have thought about it, and I have some ideas to help you have the best summer ever.

1. Keep a calendar
Does it ever seem like the school year sneaks up on you suddenly, without warning? If you keep a calendar, you can avoid this problem. It is a visual countdown of how much summer you have left. I always had so many fun activities I wanted to do, but then the school year grew closer, and I found myself trying to fit them all in. Write down the things you want to do, and make a tentative plan on your calendar. That way you won't run out of time.

2. Don't completely forget about school.
When that final bell rings for summer break, I know it is tempting to want to forget about school until the end of August. But if you do that, then you will spend your last few weeks of vacation in your classroom, trying to get everything ready. When you are planning out your fun activities for the summer, be sure to plan in some school time too. I always thought it would be great (although I never did it!) to schedule in two days a week at the school. Those would be my working days (or half days), so I would be sure to get things done over the summer too.

3. Spend time with your kids and family during the day.
During the school year, you don't get to spend family time together during the day, because you are working. Use the summer to do fun things with your kids and really enjoy them and get to know them. Also, if you have family members (sisters, parents, etc) who live close and don't work, use this time to go out to lunch or have picnics with them too.

4. Get Outside.
If you love being outdoors like me, summer is the perfect time! Unless you live in Arizona. ; ) But otherwise, take advantage of the time you have during the day, and the extra time in the evening when you don't have to be planning lessons. Get a hammock and relax, go on a hike, go swimming. This is why I love summer.

5. Sleep in. (or don't!)
It seems like when you are talking about summer break, people always tell you to enjoy it and sleep in. When I was growing up, I was notorious for sleeping in LATE. Like, I remember sleeping in till 11 or 12 sometimes. I loved to stay up late and sleep in late. So when I started teaching and got summers off, I was so excited to be able to sleep in! Hallelujah! My first summer teaching, I did just that. (although, by then, 9:00 was late to me).  I slept in and loved it. If that is what you like to do, do it.

But then I started to feel like I was wasting my day, and I felt like I was more sluggish when I slept in. So the next summer I decided to just sleep in a little bit. I still got up fairly early, but not as early as when school was in session. This worked great for me. I would wake up with the sun shining, feeling happy and able to get a head start on the day. So if you don't feel like sleeping in, don't. Do what suits you. That is what's great about summer break! (Until you have kids. Then you probably have to get up early.)

Whatever you end up doing, I hope you have an AMAZING summer break! What tips do you have for enjoying summer break? Leave a comment below!

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