Splish Splash It's a Summertime Blog Bash!

7:00 AM

It's Finally here!!!

I have been excited about this blog hop for a few months now. There are about 45 blogs participating, so you will be able to score a lot of freebies if you visit them all! You bet I will be visiting all the other blogs.

If you have never done a blog hop before, you simply go to one of the blogs that is participating, read their post, get the freebie, and then at the bottom of the post there will be a link to the next blog. Click on that and you are on your way. Hope you have a fun hop!

Just for participating in this blog hop, you get a freebie from each blog, and I decided to give away 2 items from my Tpt store. The first is my set of "Hey Kids" clipart. I am hoping you will like these cute kiddos and can use them in your products or classroom. Be sure to read the terms of use in the download.

Click here for your freebie!

For my second freebie, I am giving away my geography unit. This unit focuses on continents and oceans and has some fun activities and worksheets to do with your students. You can read more about it by clicking here.

Click here for your freebie!

I really do love the summer. All year long I look forward to it. Warm weather, fireworks, delicious fruits, barbeques, spending time outdoors, swimming, the list goes on and on... Anyway, here are a few fun facts about me and summer:

-The thing I am looking forward to most about summer is the Fourth of July. My favorite holiday! Every year we run in a 5k race that goes along the parade route. It is so much fun because people are already there saving seats for the parade and they cheer us on along the way. We love to dress in our patriotic gear and have a blast. They have a balloon festival that starts around 6:30, so as we are getting ready and starting the run, the sky is full of hot air balloons. After the race we sometimes stay and watch the parade. Then during the day we have picnics and play games and do fireworks at night. It is the best!

-I grew up in Texas and my favorite summer memories are swimming in our pool and going to Utah to visit my cousins every year. We were usually there over the Fourth of July, so I grew up going to the same parade that I now run the 5k at.

-I also love to swim, swim, swim in the summer. I really wish I had a pool. Last year I bought a kiddie pool that I plan on spending a lot of time in this year with my toddlers. Growing up I would get in the pool first thing in the morning and swim all day long. I got out to watch Saved By The Bell, then swam some more. I love to swim.

What's your favorite summer activity?

I have decided to do a give-away of my Weather Unit. This is a second grade unit that focuses on weather tools and measurement, but also has some other weather-related activities. I think it is a lot of fun. Enter below to win! You can visit my TpT store if you want to read more about this unit.

Thanks for reading my post and I hope you enjoy the freebies. Good luck with the giveaway! Click the picture below to move on to the next blog.

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  1. Hi, Amy!
    You have a beautiful family! And your 5k tradition sounds like a blast!

    I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. I love your excitement!

    Made with Love


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