Five of My Favorite Children's Books for the Classroom

9:48 PM

I love, love, love children's books! This love started in college with my children's literature class and my amazing teacher, Dr. Elaine Byrd. She had a love for books, and shared that love with her students. She spent time during each class reading aloud to us. Through this I was introduced to so many fun children's books. Today I am linking up with Busy Bee's Activities to share some of my favorites that I used in my second grade classroom.

When Stephanie's classmates start copying her hairstyles, she starts wearing her hair in crazy ways and finally outsmarts the copycats. What a hilarious book. I love Robert Munsch.

This is a great book for the beginning of the year and talking about students' names. Chrysanthemum goes to school and gets embarrassed about her unique, long, name. In the end she realizes to be proud of who she is.

This is such an amazing, touching story about the importance of telling the truth. Ping is a young Chinese boy who tells the truth in a difficult situation and is rewarded for his honesty. One of my favorites!

There are so many kids who feel like they have to be perfect in everything they do. In this story by Peter Reynolds, Ramon learns a valuable lesson that his artwork does not have to be perfect. It is such a cute story. I also love The Dot, also by Peter Reynolds.

Alex really wants an iguana, so he writes a letter to his mom. They negotiate back and forth, until a decision is made. This makes a great intro to persuasive writing.

Some of my other favorites you should check out:
A Bad Case of Stripes
Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon
The Paperbag Princess
Enemy Pie

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  1. All good choices! Well... I have never read Stephanie's Ponytail but it looks funny! Cant wait to check that one out at the local library! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I know, I need to get Stephanie's Ponytail. I always borrowed it from my coworker. Thanks for your comments!

  2. Cool! I like all of your choices. Ish is also one of my favorites! I read Stephanie's Ponytail years ago. I might have to try to track that one down again! (=


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