Monday Made It-June 29

11:41 AM

Ok, I just learned about this linky, and it is fabulous!! I love to make things. Whether it is crafting, sewing, painting, cooking, or TpT-ing, I love the sense of accomplishment I feel when I complete a task. (Even though often I am great at starting projects but not finishing them)

So this link-up is a great way for me to share my accomplishments and help remind myself that I actually did get something done during the week, even though it feels like all I do is chase toddlers around!

So here are a couple things that I did get done last week:

I finished my Student of the Week packet for TpT. 

I really want to get a lot of products posted before back to school time. I think this is a busy time for TpT, and I would love to have products that people want. I used Student of the Week in my class, and I think it is a great way to get to know the students in your class, and help them get to know each other. My packet includes a book for the kids to write what they like about the student, a poster, a schedule of activities, and a schedule planning page.

Ok, this one is not something I actually made this week, but I did fix it. I made this a while ago, but it fell off my door and broke, and it has been broken for a few months. I finally fixed it and got it hung back up. I think it is so cute! I used a frame I found at a garage sale, and made felt flowers for it. Then I bought a letter from JoAnn's (using the 40% off coupon, of course), and covered it in some burlap ribbon. I was so proud of how it turned out!

Have you made anything cute lately? 

I don't know what I will be making this week, but I do know that my sister is having a baby in a few months, so I need to get going on some cute little baby stuff! 

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  1. Your door hanger is really cute! I've made felt flowers before; easy craft that looks great!

    A Very Curious Class

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